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Will our video be available for online viewing for our family and friends?

Yes, i will gladly upload the edit to my page for you to share with family and friends.

How long is the turn-around to receive the final video?

3 months is the time i ask for.

 This allows me the proper time to fully be creative and do the best job i can with your video. And its not that i spend 30 days on one video, its more about other client work that's in the loop and i'll need the time and space to allow for each one to get its  tender LUV and care. 

This is my full time job so I try to make each video distinct from the rest, nothing generic. This philosophy leads me to long excruciating hours, days and weeks of editing video. 


What equipment do you like to use?


Currently on a Sony A7III and Sony A7II camera. I also use both high end quality prime and zoom lenses. Pro audio recorders for audio, dollys, stabilizers and a drone.

Im always adding great new pieces to my equipment so the work/art will get that much better.  

You cost the same as photographers... I thought video was supposed to be cheaper?? 
I do, now let me explain. Back in the day videographers used to just hold big clunky cameras on their shoulder and hit record from the corner of the room... so for decades it became common knowledge that videographers cost less, and are worth less, than photographers. This is why even today we are still generally the last vendor that a couple will book, and most couples don't hire a videographer at all.

BIG MISTAKE. 98% of couples regret not hiring a videographer.

Videographers used to just document the day with no real skill or art involved, but times have changed and cinematography is an art form every bit as much as photography. Not only that, but photographers only capture a split second of a moment... we capture the whole thing. 

Travel out of state? 

Available for destination weddings worldwide.


Who picks the music for our video?

I do allow my clients to pick their own music if they like, but part of the fun and artistic process for me is deciding on great music for you. This way, you are being given a unique experience you've never seen or heard before and the sentiment can last much longer rather than potentially including music that you may not like later. And I kinda already get the feel for what kind of music suits you from the events which unfolded. 

Music is a passion of mine, so through out the wedding day I'm paying close attention to the music being used and either i'll take from what i hear or find something i feel would be in similar feel but will serve much better to aid me in telling your LUVly story. 


What if you are already booked???​
I would still be able to arrage to have your event filmed through one of my extremely professional partners and in the following days i'll recieve your footage from them to edit which is where 80% of the work goes.


Ok, we've seen enough...How do we go about booking you?


First and foremost, I'm happy, thrilled and honored you've decided to allow me the privilege to film your special day. Thank you!

So from here, send me a email and with any info you would like me to know and then we should schedule a time and place to meet in person. We'll sign some stuff, pay a booking deposit, which is 50% of the package you would like, and thats it, you're all set. 

Forms of payments i accept are: checks, paypal, BofA bank transfers. 

So there you have it...Thanks again for appreciating my art and i'll look forward to meeting and booking with you guy's soon!:)





Do you do Same day Edits?



Yes...Those are really fun and yes, prepare to cry happy tears.:) Footage of the preparation, ceremony and reception are LUVingly edited into a one-song highlight video over the course of many hours throughout the day and  ready to be shown during cake time at the reception. 

This package does require a 2 to 3 man team to allow me the time to edit through out the day so to have it beautifully ready by cake time. 

If you have a projector great, but if not let me know and i can bring mine. 

Do you know of any awesome photographers you can refer us to?

Yes i do, and yes their awesome. They vary in their fees, so we'll need to discuss budget for me to determine who would be best suited. 

One thing i would like to add to this, is that its always best when the video and photo team's know each other. We know how and when to stay out of each others way and work as one. You will benefit from this tremendously and not even realize it. But at the end of the day I'm a team player, so even if i don't know him or her i will do my best to allow them their space without compromising my shots.

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